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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Interview: Spencer Breslin Talks Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Disturbingly scaring devoted fans of the horror genre through physical and emotional scares can be a challenging task, as many people have become desensitized, and are unable to sympathize with others who are contending with distressing situations. So creating a captivating horror movie that intriguingly chronicles the problems of contemporary society in a purposeful way is no easy feat. But actor Spencer Breslin effortlessly collaborated with his co-stars and Adam Egypt Mortimer, who made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the upcoming horror movie, ‘Some Kind of Hate,’ to create realatable characters and a socially relevant story that audiences can truly appreciate.
The independent movie, which is set to be released on Friday in theaters and on VOD and iTunes, powerfully showcases how adults’ ignorance can lead to tragic and senseless bullying among high school students. If teachers were able to dedicate more time to carrying from those teens who are targeted, the motives that drive classmates to betray one another through violence may be brought to an end.

‘Some Kind of Hate’ follows troubled teen Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein), who emotionally struggles to contend with the people in his life who continuously berate him, from his neglectful father (Andrew Bryniarski) to his ruthless peers. After being pushed to the breaking point one day at school, Lincoln physically attacks one of his classmates who has relentlessly targeted him. As a result, he’s remanded to an isolated reform school in the California desert, but he fails to find any true solace in his new environment. The new-age detention center, which is run by such leaders as Jack Iverson (Michael Polish) and Christine (Lexi Atkins), doesn’t enforce many rules or offer much organization or protection.

When he’s targeted by some of the bullies in his new school, the introverted Lincoln only develops a friendship with his new roommate, Isaac (Breslin). An attraction also forms with the guilt-ridden Kaitlin (Grace Phipps), who leaves behind her friends who have begun tormenting the newcomer. In the aftermath of his latest attack, Lincoln angrily wishes his intimidators would die. In the process, he inadvertently summons the spirit of Moira (Sierra McCormick), who was tormented at the school herself before she died.

Wanting to defend her fellow victim, Moira inflicts violence on herself, which is also inflicted on the people she targets, notably Lincoln’s enemies. While he’s initially happy for the reprieve from his bullies, he soon realizes that he can’t allow her to continue hurting everyone who has wronged him. The two ultimately become involved in a battle of their own, as he finally builds the courage to protect himself and the people he has come to care about.

Breslin generously took the time recently to talk about portraying Isaac in ‘Some Kind of Hate’ during an exclusive phone interview. Among other things, the actor discussed how he was drawn to play Isaac in the movie, as he loves horror films that feature well-developed stories and characters, and he felt ‘Some Kind of Hate’ features authentic backstories and insights into the important social issue of bullying; how even though Mortimer was a first-time director, he always knew what he wanted and had a great vision, but also took the time to collaborate with the actors; and how it was gratifying that audiences who saw the movie at the horror film festivals it played at have expressed their appreciation for its relatable characters and social issues.

ShockYa (SY): You star as Isaac in the new horror film, ‘Some Kind of Hate,’ which follows a bullied teenager, Lincoln Taggert, who’s sent to a reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, who was a victim of bullying herself, and subsequently takes vengeance on his tormentors. What was it about the character of Isaac, who becomes one Lincoln’s few friends, as well as the script overall, that convinced you to take on the role?

Spencer Breslin SB: I immediately thought this film had a really cool script. I love horror movies, especially ones with good stories and characters. Every character in this script has a great backstory, and they’re well-written. The dialogue is real, and I believe the friendships are authentic. That’s what I really look for in a script.

I also really liked the people who were involved in the film. The director, Adam, and I connected really quickly. So overall, the movie really appealed to me because the script and the characters were really great, and so was everyone who was involved in making it.

SY: Adam Egypt Mortimer, who you just mentioned, made his feature film directorial and writing debuts on the horror movie. What was your experience of working with him on the film, especially since he was a first-time filmmaker? Do you prefer working with helmers who also worked on the script?

SB: It was great working with Adam. Like you said, he was a first-time director, but during the entire shoot, he was in command. He knew what he wanted and had a great vision, which was really helpful to the actors. This is a super-low budget movie, and when we started shooting every day, it felt like we already behind, because we were always under a time crunch. But Adam would still always take the time to explain anything that needed explaining to any of the actors, or anyone else on set. Adam is really super-talented, and was always calm and collected on the set.

SY: Since ‘Some Kind of Hate’ is an action-driven horror movie, what was the process of shooting it independently on a limited schedule influence the way you approached playing your character?

SB: I love working on independent films, and I have worked on quite a few in the past. I like the fact that everyone who’s on the set really want to be there and likes the project, because no one who’s working on independent films is receiving a big paycheck. It was such a fun process for me, because I really wanted to be there. I loved the character and the script, as well as the people I worked with on the set. I like that low-budget, we’re in this together feeling, which was definitely there every day on the set.

SY: With the majority of the horror film being set at the isolated reform school in the California desert, what was the experience of filming in an isolated location?

SB: Our location was really hot, dusty and uncomfortable, but it was still really cool to film there. I live in the city of L.A., so there’s something cool about grabbing your cup of coffee and getting in your car at 4:30 in the morning to drive really far away to get to the set. Then once you get there, you’re able to do your thing without any distractions. I think that made us all rely on each other a little bit, which helped make the movie seem real. We were all out of our elements, since we were hanging out in the desert every day. We would go out there to work, and since we would be away from all the comforts that we were used to, we could truly just focus on the film. So I really loved that process.

SY: What was your working relationship with Ronen Rubinstein, plays Lincoln in the horror movie, like as you were filming? Did you rehearse together to discuss the characters’ developing friendship?

SB: When I first met Ronen, we immediately became friends. A lot of times, we’ll do these actor bonding exercises, and they were totally natural between Ronen and I. We’re both New Yorkers who are fans of the New York Rangers, which broke the ice really quickly. We also quickly realized that we have similar senses of humor and the same tastes in music. We had a lot of down time on the set to talk to each other, which really made the on-screen friendship seem more realistic. Like how our characters bonded really quickly in the film, we connected just as quickly in real life. Ronen’s a great guy, and he was a pleasure to act with every day.

SY: The film is interesting in the sense that it doesn’t immediately introduce the physical horror and stunts; it instead begins as a pure drama that focuses on the emotional bullying Lincoln’s subject to, before it introduces the violence. With Isaac becoming one of Lincoln’s few allies at the reform school, why do you feel it’s important for films, especially a horror-driven one like ‘Some Kind of Hate,’ to discuss such serious issues as bullying amongst teenagers?

SB: I really liked how the film took its time to build up to the blood and stunts. With the way the film was written, and the way we ended up shooting it, we were able to have that slow build-up. That helps the audience really start to care about the characters, and as a result, they feel really bad when the characters die. It also helps viewers realize they don’t like certain characters, as they see the kinds of things they do. So I think it’s cool that we have that nice build-up, so that viewers can start to care about the characters, and become invested in the story before all hell breaks loose.

If you don’t have relatable characters who you can relate to, who cares why any of the crazy and violent things happen? For me, it’s all about the characters, because I want to care about them, and I think most other people do, too. I think being able to connect to the characters makes watching films a more relatable experience for the audience, especially when things do start to become crazy. IF the audience has the time to think about the issues that are presented in the story, as well as start to care about the characters, they’ll be able to figure out if they like them.

SY: Besides developing the story’s important social issues and your character’s emotions in these action-driven horror films, do you also enjoy performing stunts?

SB: Oh yes, I turn into a five-year-old boy whenever there’s blood and guts on set. (laughs) I really love that stuff, and get really hyper and excited over it. So I love doing action sequences. (laughs)

SY: The horror movie had its world premiere at the Stanley Film Festival this past May, and also played at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival and FrightFest. Were you able to attend a screening of the movie at the festival, and if so, what was your experience like there?

SB: Oh yes, that was a rad experience. I actually haven’t gone to too many festivals before throughout my life before this, but getting to attend festivals with this film was really cool. I got to go to the Stanley Film Festival in Colorado. That was cool, because it’s a relatively new festival. There were all these horror icons who attended, but there were also fans who were just going for the fun of watching horror movies. That’s what these festivals are all about-everyone, not just industry people, are going to watch these films for fun. So I think it was a great way for us to introduce this movie.

There were people who would come up to Ronen and me and tell us that they liked the movie and the characters. It’s always awesome and amazing when people take the time to tell you they like your work. When people like the film, it makes the process worth it. When you make a movie and even one person likes it, I think it’s awesome, and get excited over that.

SY: ‘Some Kind of Hate’ is set to be released in theaters, as well as on VOD and iTunes on Friday. Are you personally a fan of watching movies On Demand, and why do you think the platform is beneficial for independent films like this one?

SB: I love going to the theater to watch movies, but independent films like this one don’t immediately open everywhere. So I think VOD and iTunes are great, because it gives people who would otherwise have to drive three hours to the closest theater that plays the film the chance to see this movie in their homes. So the more people who can watch this film at home, the better.

Interview Spencer Breslin Talks Some Kind of Hate (Exclusive)

Spencer Breslin biography

A native of New York, Spencer Breslin's first job was acting in a television commercial. At the age of five he landed a regular role as Dan Aykroyd's son on the TV sitcom Soul Man (1997 to 1998). He then did a guest appearance on Law & Order before getting a part in the Stephen King mini-series Storm of the Century (1999). But it was in the Hollywood big budget feature Disney's The Kid (2000) that Spencer rose to star status playing opposite Bruce Willis. Roles in other big budget features such as Meet the Parents (2000) starring Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller, The Santa Clause 2 (2002) starring Tim Allen and Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (2003) starring Mike Myers, followed.

Spencer has also worked on television in the movies The Ultimate Christmas Gift (2000), Robertson's Greatest Hits (2001), Moms on Strike (2002) and You Wish! (2003). He has done voice work for the Saturday morning cartoon Teamo Supremo and the animated video Return to Neverland. In Raising Helen (2004), Spencer was happy to have the chance to work with Kate Hudson and his little sister, Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin. He lives in New York with his sister, brother Ryan and their parents. Spencer enjoys playing the piano, football and baseball and would like to become either a baseball player or a director when he grows up.

The Happening(2008)
The Santa Clause 3 (2006)
Air Buddies (2006) (voice)
The Shaggy Dog(2006)
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement(2004)
Raising Helen(2004)
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat(2003)
The Santa Clause 2(2002)
Ozzie (2001)
Meet the Parents(2000)
Disney's The Kid(2000)

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Spencer Breslin

Spencer Breslin (born May 18, 1992) is an American actor and musician.
He play the character Conrad on The Cat in the Hat (film).

Early life

Breslin was born in New York City, the son of Kim, a personal manager, and Michael Breslin, a telecommunications expert.[1] Spencer has an older brother Ryan Breslin (born in 1985) and a younger sister, Abigail Breslin (born April 14, 1996) who is an actress.

Acting career

He has appeared in films such as Disney's The Kid, The Santa Clause 2, The Cat in the Hat, You Wish!, and Zoom. He has also been involved in the world of animation by lending his voice to the television cartoon Teamo Supremo, and Return to Neverland. He reprised his role of Curtis in The Santa Clause 3, which opened on November 3, 2006, taking the tally of movies in which he co-starred with Tim Allen up to four. In 2004, when Dr. Seuss won his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Breslin was asked to read alongside Alyson Stoner, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and Hailey Anne Nelson. Breslin then went on to star in 2007's Harold, which failed to succeed in the box-office. In 2004, he and his real life younger sister Abigail Breslin played on-screen siblings in Raising Helen and in Princess Diaries 2, in which Spencer played a prince and Abigail made a cameo as a girl at an orphanage. Abigail was also in The Santa Clause 3, in which Spencer played Curtis, the head elf of the North Pole.


In the summer of 2007 he helped form alternative rock trio The Red Agenda with Harold co-star Evan Daves and musician Paul DeMasi. He is finished recording his debut album, Labor Day as of October, 2009 and it is due for release soon. It was recorded by Ladybug Transistor's Gary Olson, and produced by James William Hindle. Breslin founded his own record label Acadian Recording Company and is currently working with the hard rock group Damus on their debut album.

Spencer Breslin

Spencer Breslin

I Am Spencer Breslin from The Santa Clause 2 & 3, the Cat In the Hat, Stuck In Love, Born To Race and The Happening. AMA!!!

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

Never believed in Santa ;)

How is working with Tim Allen?

Tim is the man. I worked on four films with him and had a blast. He's one of the most genuinely funny/hyper intelligent people I've ever met.

Hey Spencer, what was your favourite movie to part take in?

I've had some fun times on every shoot I've worked on. It's a toss up. The Tim Allen movies and the two Garry Marshall movies were great. "Harold" was definitely awesome. That was a fun character to play.

Do you ever get recognized in public? Do people know where they know you from?


Do you have any particularly memorable anecdotes from either of the Santa Clause movies you were in? Joys or pains of working with Krumholtz or Tim Allen?

Krumholtz and Tim were always in the Joys category. Two true professionals. Very funny guys. On SC2 we'd have cast field trips after work sometimes. "Spider Man" and "Attack of the Clones" were both released while we were shooting, so a huge group of us saw those. We'd also hop around the different restaurants in the area of Vancouver where we were staying.

What are your plans for the future?

More movies and music. Hopefully a lot. Not qualified to do much else.

Is Mike Myers as awesome as we think he is? Please say yes!

He's the man. I got strep throat while we were filming and he had a bunch of Austin Powers action figures sent to my house while I was recovering. Jackpot for a 10 year old. Shit, that'd be cool now..

I remember you best from the Family Channel movie "You Wish" and "The Kid". Do you keep in touch with A.J Trauth at all?

A.J is a cool dude, but I haven't seen him in forever.

  1. You are so awesome and 2. What was your favorite scene to film in the Cat In The Hat?

  1. Thank you. 2. Indoor stair luge.

Is it weird seeing your sister Abigail in so many movies?Also is she a cool sister?

It's not all that weird. Maybe seeing her in "The Call" was weird. I wanted to fuck that dude up haha. She's a great actress and an awesome sister. Love her.

Is any of your music online?

An old album is on Bandcamp. Just completed a brand new record for a new project of mine. Should have tons of updates soon.
oh and, hi Wommy!

Why does the moon look orange sometimes?

Here ya go.

I really enjoyed "The Kid", that movie is awesome to this day. Is Bruce Willis as big a dick as Kevin Smith makes him out to be?

Bruce Willis is the man. Was always cool to me. Plus Kevin Smith is a devils fan sooooo

You are such an awesome actor, Spencer. I've enjoyed your acting since the movie, The Kid. What was it like working with Hayden Panettiere from Raising Helen?

Thanks a lot! I love Hayden. We've actually known each other for a reeeeeaaaaaallly long time. I first met her when I was like four, along the NYC commercial audition circuit. She's like a sister.

What did you really think of "The Happening"??? Do you still talk with Mark Whalberg???

Hhahahhahaha yeahhhh... I had a good time making that movie. I haven't seen Mark in a long time. He was a nice guy tho. Really nice.

What was going on behind the scene for The Happening? Was it meant to be corny as hell? Did M. Night share his secret plan. WTF was going on? Please tell us!!!

When you're making a movie with Night, you know nothing. Nada. Zip. We will never know the true intentions of Night.

How did you get started in acting?

Started when I was 3, after getting discovered at an indoor playground in my hometown of NYC. Started acting in commercials for McDonald's, Life Cereal, etc. Got lucky enough to keep working from there.

What was it like working with Dakota Fanning at the time during The Cat in the Hat?

She's smart like a grown woman. She was only 8!!! Imagine how smart she is now???

Can I have an autograph?

Best wishes, Spencer Breslin

You should totally audition for the new Netflix show of "Daredevil". I think you would make a great young Foggy Nelson. It's a compliment! Would you ever want to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe??

That'd be sick. I like comics a lot. It would be honor.

What film direction / genre do you want to head towards for your future career?

I'd like to end up behind the camera eventually. I've directed a few shorts and produced an animated show called Really Bad Movie. I'd love to work on a Sci Fi epic.

Did your parents handle being "stage parents" well? I used to hang out with Bill Mumy and his band around that time, and got to know Bill, Eileen & Lilliana (and her brother Seth) a bit. I was wondering what kind of stage dad Bill was, having been a child actor himself.

Bill and Eileen are great people. Love them. My parents were always super supportive. They had no interest in acting, or any of the show biz bullshit. That was cool.

Wait a second, wait just a second there. You said Tim Allen is the man. Which is it?

I say that a lot. Should I be more creative?? Tim, Bruce AND Mike are all "the Man." I'm the Kid. Deal.

Thanks! Really like the vibe of it.

Thank you!!!

My mom obsessively watches the Santa Clause movies every Christmas and makes the family watch with her. They're good movies though - so thanks for helping make them what they are :) Do you have any movies you always watch as a family? Or just a movie that you can watch a million times yourself?

On Thanksgiving it's all about "Plains, Trains and Automobiles"

Hi! I can't think of a real question, but I've been a fan of both you and your sister for a long time, so I wanted to ask something. How is your day going? :)

So far so good. Hbu?

I actually laughed! I love you :p

I love you too!!

How did you get into acting, and what advice would you give others who want to get into the field as well? Huge fan!

I sorta lucked into it in the beginning. Was discovered by a talent scout in NY at the age of 3, and started booking the commercials I went out on. Overall, it takes a lot of fucking work. My family sacrificed a ton of time, money and energy to help me follow my dreams. If you wanna do it, be serious and get ready to work really hard.

What's the deal with child actors?

The drugs and chicks rock.

Salute Spencer, I think you're a very talented actor and my question is silly, what makes you laugh and what's something we'd never guess about you? :) Kiss from France!!

Hey there! Thank you much. This makes me laugh. Something you'd never guess? I have a totally irrational obsession with hockey. I was just in France by the way. So beautiful.

Hell you've got more creativity than me. My wife is a photographer and i'm always telling her i'm envious of how creative she can be. I'm more of a logic kind of person.

I lack logic sometimes.

Who would play you in a biopic of your life? Also, favorite meal?

Jake Thomas of course. Probably a slice of pizza from Mariella's on 16th and 3rd in NY. Best sit down meal I've ever had was probably Le Grand Venise in Paris.

What is your dream job, or dream role?

I've always wanted to be an astronaut. I guess playing one would be pretty cool.

Did you like Paris? I wasn't that impressed...I mean it was pretty and all, but yeah I wish I could post on Twitter that you replied to me but I can't because I don't want people knowing my username on Reddit.

I thought Paris was cool. Was only there for a day tho.

do you like farah?

check the shirt in my verification link.

Do you ever watch The Ultimate Christmas Present when it comes on tv during the holidays? It's a tradition for me.

I haven't seen it in years.

Do you think you will continue acting or do you have another career pursuit in mind?

I definitely want keep acting. I'd also like to move into directing/producing. I've been playing music for years also. Any combination of those things would be great.

Hi Spencer, I think you're awesome and very talented, my question is silly, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where?? Hugs from England! :)

Hey there. Extremely ticklish. It's awful. I'll never tell where.
Hugs from LA!

Hi Spencer, do you think that Jumbo Joe Thornton is "tuff" enough or "clutch" enough to play for the New York Rangers? Thanks! Big Fan!

Thanks for the support. Joe is the fucking man. Joe in the classic red, white and blue would strike fear into the hearts of all his opponents.

Hey! I'm watching The Santa Clause 2 right now! You're fuckin cool ,man. What's your favorite restaurant ?

Thanks! You're cool too!!! I live in LA and there's this myth that the food isn't good. Some of my favorite places are Craig's and Jar. For cheap awesome food, I love Pita Kitchen and Tony's Mexican Grill. In New York for street food it's all about Halal Guys.

Do you see yourself moving more away from acting and toward other parts of film (Directing/Producing)? Also, how's Curtis doing?

Curtis is well. Definitely wanna direct some more stuff. I've directed a few low budget shorts, and produced an animated show that can be found on youtube.
hi andrew

First of all, you're awesome and The Kid is still one of my favorite films. Now, I noticed that the AMA question hasn't been asked, so I guess that task falls to me: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

I'm allergic to horses and terrified of birds........ I'm so dead.

Since we learned Jake Thomas is into Starcraft... Do you play as well?

I don't. I do however play console games like ES and Fallout. I play a lot of NHL and Fifa. I just bought ESO, but haven't had the time to really sink my teeth into it yet. That's next.

Very excited about NHL 15 coming out. Looks amazing!

Me too. The images they've released look incredible. A few bugs I'd like to see fixed regarding penalties.

Is there anyone you've worked with who is not "the man?"

My sister.

Any team in particular you favor?

I'm an obsessive, lifelong, long suffering Rangers fan.

Thank you haha, and if I'm ever in LA I'll check those places out! Do you have a favorite movie or tv show?

2001 is my favorite movie. I love GoT, True Detective, and I'm loving that 24 is back on. Also, Jeopardy! is my shit.

Hahah, well, if you're ever looking for someone to play against...





what do u play?

Are you an Angeleno or a New Yorker?

I'm a New Yorker living in LA

Dude I love you! The Santa Clause trilogy and Cat in the Hat are some of my favorite movies. I can't wait to see "Some Kind Of Hate". Have you ever been to Texas? It's pretty cool here (well right now it's hot as hell). If you have what was your favorite part about it/where did you go? I'm close to Houston. Also, what's your favorite dessert?

Thanks! I've been to Texas a few times. San Antonio and Houston. Loved the Space Center. Favorite dessert.... I'm pretty boring and not a big fan of sweets. Just vanilla ice cream, or a vanilla shake.

Xbox one and ps4!

I need to get the ps4. Was waiting for NHL 15

The Space Center is pretty cool, and hey vanilla shakes are awesome! What's your favorite band/who's your favorite singer?

Tough question. Some of my favorites, but not all of them are: the Clash, the Velvets, the Stones, Ramones... Love Springsteen, solo Lou Reed, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, etc. Recently been listening to: Mac DeMarco and "Strike Gently" by the Virgins.

I proudly admit that I enjoyed The Happening. It was a bit farfetched but it was different. The scenes where people killed themselves were chilling. Which brings me to my question How did you feel when you found out your demise in The Happening?

Glad you liked it. It gets a bad rap, but I like it too. I was excited to do the death scene. Never died on film before that. The scene was a fucking pain in the ass to shoot though.. Did it like 6 times, and it took about an hour to reset costumes and the set because of all the blood. I was pretty happy with it in the end.

What's your favorite place in LA to go get tacos? Do they even have legit Mexican food in NY?

There are a few good Mexican spots in NY, but it honestly doesn't compare to LA. My favorite 2 AM spot is probably Que Rico in the Valley. There are so many little stands and trucks that I love too. Too many to name.

Was Tim Allen fun to work with or annoying?

Tim Allen is the Man.

He does seem funny and has been doing this a long time. What new stuff have you been up to?

I recently finished shooting a horror movie called Some Kind of Hate, and recorded an album for a new music project me and my friend started.

awesome to hear you're also a fellow man looking to satisfy his taco craving at 2 in the morning as well - best of luck with everything man!

Faith Ford strikes back

Mom's as mad as hell, and she's not going to take it anymore.
This paraphrase of a line from the feature film "Network" is the perfect mantra for the main character in "Mom's on Strike," a new TV movie premiering at 7 p.m. Sunday on ABC Family Channel. Faith Ford ("Murphy Brown") stars as a devoted wife, parent and nurse who gets fed up with the general lack of attention and appreciation from her family. After everyone in the household forgets her birthday, she follows the lead of professionals who have lobbied for improved conditions, launching a one-woman strike.
Her husband (Tim Matheson, "West Wing") and children (Spencer Breslin, Sarah Gadon, Daniel Magder) are astonished by her actions, and they aren't the only ones. Inspiring other mothers to strike against their own clans, she becomes a media darling. The first lady eventually offers her a specially created commissioner of parenthood position in the president's cabinet, further straining her relationships with her relatives. "Brady Bunch" icon Florence Henderson appears as Ford's mother in the film, directed by James Keach.
"I'm not a mom yet," Ford says, "therefore, it's hard for me to identify with a lot of 'mom' roles, but I did identify with this one. I get so frustrated -- especially around Hollywood -- when I see mothers who are also agents or actresses, these amazing women who just get forgotten. They run around for their families, yet still work. They have great purpose, but their kids just run them ragged and their husbands want things `just so.' It's not that these women aren't loved, there's just a neglect thing going on."
Ford appreciates "Moms on Strike" for its satirical tone. "It's not that you feel sorry for (the main character). It makes you go, 'Yeah! All right!' She's doing something that has personal meaning, then it suddenly takes on a life of its own. She never planned that, but how do you turn down an offer from the first lady? You simply don't."
The scenario of "Moms on Strike" never could have happened in Ford's childhood home, the actress maintains. "My mother was always very strong. She was a working mom, a school-teacher, and she demanded our help from the very beginning. I learned to cook when I was 11, and I know that when I have kids, they will absolutely clean up after themselves. I also expect the sharing of responsibilities with any partner I have. That's just the way it is."
A strike certainly isn't an amusing situation in real life, and Ford stresses her movie doesn't mean to poke fun at that aspect. "It doesn't go on forever in this case," she says, "and it's made clear that the other characters, especially the men, have to pull their weight. The woman who wrote this (Nancey Silvers) took the stance that no one is a real victim in it, and it's important to establish that from the get-go."
The viewer-friendly nature of the film also is indicated by co-star Henderson's presence. "Florence isn't anything like what you would imagine her to be," Ford says. "She's really grounded, earthy but also reserved, and someone who has really had an interesting life. She should write her memoirs someday."
Ford also enjoyed the company of Matheson, "one of my favorite leading men ever. He's generous as an actor, but he's also just a good person. You can run into all types doing what I do, but I told Tim, `Anytime you want to work together again, I'm in.' He said, `Likewise.'

Geeky Child Stars Who Became Heartthrobs

Child stars as a general rule have to grow up in the spotlight, going through puberty in the public eye, public breakups and so much more. These ugly ducklings certainly blossomed into beautiful swans and broke that geeky model that they were cast for. Here are 18 geeky celebrity child stars that were treated very well by puberty and that grew to be heartthrobs in their own right.

From Little Miss Sunshine to Little Miss Beauty, Abigail Breslin

This dazzling young lady whose brother Spencer Breslin skyrocketed to fame alongside Bruce Willis in The Kid, has done some growing of her own. Her debut movie was as the chubby and loveable daughter in Little Miss Sunshine that just wanted to be a beauty queen. She has since dropped her baby weight, grown a few inches, and is now a beautiful young lady that is getting parts for her talent not just her cute little girl next door looks.
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